Oh I think I feel a bit of Spring in the air and I have seen the sun on occasion and it is no longer dark at 5:00pm…all signs that the end of our long, dark winter might be still a couple of months away but we are now seeing the light at the end of the snow tunnels.

Time to think about getting out and about and what better way to spend your time than creating.

I know many of you love cats, so three of the projects are cat related.

This first one is called FAT CATS.

These chubby felines will be presewn so you will just stuff them, paint them, add the wool triangles and wax it to give it a leathery look. Of course, you can make the cat look like any cat you want…striped or not.

Cost will be 18.00. Classes are from 6pm to 9pm (or until you finish). Dates are Wed. March 11 or Thurs. March 26. You can sign up for one of both (can you ever have too many cats?). Contact me at 218-736-9278 or Carlton Community Ed to sign up.

This next cat is called Skinny Cat and he is long and lean. He will come presewn and you will stuff, paint, add nose and make a rag ball for him to play with!

He will be $20 and look awesome up on a shelf or on the back of your couch or even reclining on your bed.

This class is from 6pm to 9pm (or until you finish) and will be on Monday, March 16th OR Tuesday, March 31 and as always you can sign up for one or both classes. Contact me at 218-736-9278 or Carlton Community Ed to sign up!

Next is a fun, fun painting…..

If cats are your jam, you will want to paint this!

Super easy to paint, your choice of colors and cats (or even throw in a dog if you have one along with the cat). This will be a Saturday class so you can spend as much time as you need in completing it.

It will be painted on a 14×14 canvas and be ready to hang wherever you need some funky artwork.


Class will be held on Saturday, March 21 OR April 4th from 10:30am till you finish (about 3 hours). Make one for yourself and one for the cat lover in your life!

Contact me at 218-736-9278 or Carlton Community Ed to sign up. I promise you will have so much fun painting this picture.

And last, how can you resist these sheep!

Having a husband who owns a wood products company sure has its perks! You will have your choice of different size wood pieces to paint your sheep on. And of course you choose your own color combo. Super easy to paint and would make a wonderful parent/grandparent/child painting experience. As the granny to four young grands, I can tell you that doing a project with them is so much more fun than getting them a gift that will be used up or broken in just a few days!!!

Each sheep is $10.00 but if you bring a child to paint with you, their project will just be $8.00.

This is a super quick painting and will take you just an hour to complete so you can make as many as you want!

The dates for the sheep paintings are either Tuesday, April 7th or Thursday, April 16th and both start at 6pm . Please contact me to sign up for one or both of the classes at 218-736-9278 or contact Carlton Community Ed.

Always remember that I can do “home classes” also so if you have some friends that would love to get together to do a project, just contact me and we can set up a date! And if you see a project you want to do but can’t make it to the scheduled classes, contact me and I will do a one~on~one class with you whenever it is convenient for you. 218-736-9278

FYI….shop is still closed except for classes as I am way behind (darn flu and cold season) on redoing the shop to make it more of a Creative Space than a store! Lord willing I will get it all done this month!!!!