Until I started painting on canvas, I never understood the “angst” artist suffer when painting. Or their mood swings. Or their fondness for alcohol. I now understand it all.

All day I have been trying to paint two of my grands from some of my favorite photos of them. Why I thought I could do it was beyond me. Sometimes when I try something for the first time, I surprise myself with how well it turned out. This is NOT one of those times.

Why would I post these you must be asking yourself. It is to show those who are under the delusion I am talented in everything can see that, in fact, I stink at a whole lotta stuff! I keep telling you all that I am not talented…just brave. My motto when it comes to creating stuff is: You never know if you can do something until you’ve tried it!

So here are Jack….he was surprised that I got an above ground swimming pool….you know, I should have asked him WHY he was so surprised….did he think I was too old to swim…or did not know how to swim (and that would be a big YES to both but I do like to sit in a floaty and get more sun spots……)

Well we at least now know what Jack may look like middle~aged…….

Next is Avril. O’Neill (my daughter and her momma) made the girls these adorable headwraps but I don’t think Avril was really in a headwrap kinda mood…..

And we now know what Avril would have looked like had O’Neill done drugs during her pregnancy…..

So I think I will put doing faces on the back burner until I can find some videos on how to paint them but at least I tried! Never be afraid to fail….if nothing else, it makes for a great blog post!

Off to either drink or cut off an ear (or more than likely just eat a homemade bean burrito so I can practice my “butt bugle boogie” tonight when my husband gets home…I am top~notch at that!!!!)

The Gypsy