I have a collection of old windows and I was wondering what to do with the ones that do not have any special paning (a word I just made up….feel free to use it…definition: the wood or other materials that are on/in windows to give them more than a blank slate) so I did what anyone would do, I went to Pinterest/YouTube.

Eureka! I found a use for my plain Jane windows……

I mean, seriously….have you ever seen anything so cute (the designs are mine) and I just know you want to do one for your own house! You pick the colors you want and design (or let me know what you would like to do and I will make up a design for you….the simpler, the better as you don’t want to get fussy just funky!!!!!)

Got a camper you want to do or a cabin? How about a window planter with flowers? Cactus? Send me your idea if you need help drawing it out (remember these are to look FUNKY not picture perfect!)

You can even bring your own window if you have one! Text me for pricing for class if you bring your own window!

I will only have three students a Saturday so text me now to reserve your spot!

THESE CLASSES WILL BE HELD AT MY SHOP ON SATURDAYS DURING MAY and will cost $50 per window (less if you bring your own window!) and will take a full day to do. I supply everything you need to leave with your happy new window.

So text/call/email me at 218-736-9278 or robyn@thelumberjackandthegypsy.com or leave a comment on this post! I take cash, check or credit card.

So which Saturday are you coming?

10:30am Saturday, May 18

10:30am Saturday May 25

Remember I can only have three students for each Saturday! (I would be willing to do a Sunday class if you have friends who would like to do it, too, and there would be too many for a Saturday class (because shop will be open but on a Sunday I can fit more ladies in if I don’t have to worry about customers being able to move about!).

I am so flexible I should have a gold medal in gymnastics, so just give me a shout if you want to do this but can’t make it in May!

The Gypsy