A mulligan is a second chance to perform an action, usually after the first chance went wrong through bad luck or a blunder.

I have been having quite a few mulligans in my painting journey.

I had six different paintings in various stages of doneness when I decided that I did not like any of them. I thought, “Why the heck am I painting these things when I don’t even like them?” It’s not like I have to finish what I start (oh, is that not the story of my life, or what?) so I just gave them all some new coats of paint and oh, boy, did I get some happy accidents.

This is the angel I was painting and just wasn’t feeling it…..So I slapped a layer of impasto (a thickening gel) over it and then took the palette knife and laid it down and took it back up quickly over the whole thing to give it a prickly texture. When it dried clear, I gave it a scraped on coat of yellow green paint and when it dried, I WAS IN LOVE……I could not decide between a single flower, a cactus or a jellyfish…..

I am all agaga over how it turned out. The shimmer is so beautiful and it changes hues depending on how the light hits it. I love it so much more than that crappy angel!

Then there was this bird one…..I must have deleted the photos already but I just took a cobalt blue and then an aqua and made it thick and swirly and I was going to do another mermaid but an octopus caught my eye and so this is how it looks now but it is not finished yet.I need to finish the eyes and the jellyfish crown…..octopus have really weird eyes so I used some of the impasto gel to build up the eye sockets…..

Here is a cardinal that I did and I liked how he came out……Next is a cat napkin that I put on a painted canvas board and in an old frame that looks like it was made for the cat!!! A friend had given me this odd wood bowl things with handles and I had some big eyeball napkins and lo and behold I made this (sold already!!)This next series of pictures are what I did to an old picture my mom gave me. I was just going to use the frame but decided to paint the heavy cardboard that was the picture a flat white and see what I could paint on it but then I spied these cactus napkins so I did the background in those and then painted on this large, wild cactus….I painted the frame in a lime green but am going to change it to red to really make it POP!A lamp I made out of a Kinky Vodka bottle and napkins….and repurposed an old shade in napkins to go with it!A couple of decoupaged trays and shelves made from old molding to which I added some vintage~looking napkins to the topsI had this old CD/DVD holder so I gave it a new look by decoupaging napkins on to the top and sides and shelves…..super cute in a cowpokes bedroom or in a Western themed camper!!!!And lastly for tonight, a little wall pocket that I affixed plaid wool to!

Stop on over at the shop some Friday or Saturday. Open 10-4. Bring a craft project to work on or I can set you up with one. I love the company.

The Gypsy