I am impatient. I wish I could blame the internet for that because we have all gotten so used to everything literally being at our fingertips in an instant (unless you have crappy internet service…anybody remember WebTV?) but I think I have always been impatient when I want something! I cannot windowshop for that exact reason!

So eventhough I have only been painting for about six weeks, I want to have my own style NOW. I know it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become excellent at something ( I once had a super pipe~dream about singing an aria in Italian at Carnegie Hall…I can dream pretty wild and outrageous things…but putting in the work to get there is a whole nother ballgame!) and so I just need to keep plugging along and one day it will happen and I will have my Oprah “AH HA” moment and I will find my artistic voice.

So for now, I will have a Mel Blanc voice…..but with a palette knife instead of a microphone!

I wanted to do a kinda generic picture to donate as a “prize” at my next chamber of commerce meeting since there are both men and women there who will have a ticket for the drawing. I wanted it to be something that might fit into a home or a business (or maybe a basement…..or I may even find it at Goodwill someday….I have no unrealistic expectations!) so I found a picture of a tall, red building and went from there. I am 85% happy with it. It is my first building attempt. I do not have an eye or a mindset for precision and depth and whatever else is needed to make it look “realistic” but that is not my jam anyway. I am going for just an impression of what it might be.

So here is my painting, step by step…..

I don’t know if you can see the sheen on the sky but I used only pearlescent paints on it and in the light it really shimmers and changes colors.

And depending on the light is also changes from a cool hued picture like the one before this to this warm hued one. Which was never my intention but, hey, I like it! What did Bob Ross call accidents? Happy Accidents?

Anyway, it is done. I hope whoever wins it will like it. I do not like painting buildings and landscape~y stuff but I may try a few more just to challenge myself because isn’t that what you are supposed to do as an “artist”? This is where I get confused. Do you just drop those things that you don’t like to do in favor of those things you like better and just focus on becoming better at them versus wasting time and paints/canvas doing something you don’t like just to keep trying to get better at it? Seems kinda counterproductive to me. I would really like some comments from anyone who has taken art classes as to this issue! And, of course, comments on the painting are always welcomed no matter if they are good or critical. Pretty hard to hurt my feelings!!!

Thanks for reading and for being on this artistic journey with me!

The Gypsy