My daughter and I were both going to do a painting of a pair of rain boots with flowers planted in the tops. She got her’s done in a few hours (with four kids and homeschooling !) and I had the great idea of having “rain” dripping down from the top of my painting. So I painted the background a cheery, grass green and then added blobs of metallic pastel acrylics with the idea that I would spray water on the blobs and they would run down the canvas.

Whoops…..I sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed, and had a big puddle under the canvas but very little dripping. Maybe thick acrylics don’t run? So because I hate wasting paint and I had my little palette filled with small blobs of paint, I decided to just slap all that paint on it and see what happens…..

Ooooo, it was so pretty….so I slapped more on and used my fingers to get some movement going and soon it reminded me of the ocean and the ocean reminded me of mermaids and I thought, “What the heck”.

So here is my first attempt at doing a “person” with palette knives!

background with mermaid sketched in (more or less)

first layer (notice how controlled her hair is)

second and third layers (watch her hair…)

fourth and fifth layers

sixth and seventh layers (and her hair is now getter bigger and bigger)

always looks uglier before it gets better….layers eight and nine

well her hair has now gotten away from me and I added a bunch of metallic colors in the water and on her (her, what? What do you call the bottom part of a mermaid?) probably added four more layers by now. She is a mermaid of “substance”…no skinny mermaids on my watch…..

notice the big color difference….the first one was in the late afternoon without any lights on and the second was after I turned on a couple of lights….and I added some jellyfish…..and that hair, oy vey,

here are a couple of close ups so you can see all the texture and the layers……. and she has a really wonky left arm but maybe she has some “eel” in her DNA?

and here is the finished result under the lamp light…..I might see about adding a greenish~wash over the whole thing….but will wait a day or two to see how I feel about it. All in all, considering this is my first attempt at flesh and human (ish) form, I am happy with the results. Not sure if I would do this as a class or not. Would take at least four hours or so…..but if anyone would like to try one, just contact me and we will talk!

I need to name this piece…..any ideas?

The Gypsy