Scott brought home some basswood planks (is it awful that I really don’t know what the technical term for them are….I mean…this is, after all, my hubs business!) and I wondered how they would look with a palette knife painting on them….well, here is my first try…..

I used Unicorn Spit wood stain and gel on the background stripes and then used my acrylics and a palette knife that has wiggles (another technical term I really should know) on both sides of the triangle~shaped blade so if I just loaded it up with paint on the underside of the blade and laid it down on the wood, it looked like cactus. So I just kept layering different greens over it and then added pink buds by scraping pinks with that same knife but just using the wiggles.

First photo is day one…..kinda blah

So I added more buds and a brighter pink to the centers, added highlights and outlined it with a black textile marker (because that is what I had on hand!). I am happy with how it turned out. What say you???? The top and bottom are just raw wood so I will paint them to look like the bark on the sides to finish it off.

And as always, if you would like to do a painting similar to this one, just let me know and we can set up a day/night to do it! And if you have a couple of gals who would like to do a painting, too, I can come to YOUR house…..I have 7 tabletop easels and could get two more so I could have nine folks doing them (or any of the other paintings you see here on the blog/website). Just text me at 218-736-9278 or stop by the shop on Fridays or Saturdays to see all the paintings in person! It is the most fun artsy~fartsy thing I have done in ages and I am sure anyone can do it.

The Gypsy of The Palette Knives