Today in my email was a post from the blog, “The Picket Fence” and she always has projects she has done and today’s was something I thought I could do on canvas because I had no prepared plywood (but my husband owns a wood products business so wood is coming out of our ears…literally…you would be surprised where I have found sawdust……

So this is her project…All that chippy goodness… still my heart…..

And here is my process to get to my finished piece…..which I adore….and I am going to make myself one to hang in my house only mine will be a star since I have no fondness for hearts!

This was an old canvas that I had done a bird of paradise paint~by~number a few years ago on and I never waste anything artsywise, so I gave it a base of chocolate brown chalk paint and then added a layer of aqua and then a layer of white and took three different palette knives to it and a plastic lettuce cutting knife and I scraped it down to the old PBN base in spots.

I painted a heart shape to give me an idea as to where to put the paint….gee, I did such a good job on the left side but the right side is kinda wonky….oh well….that’s what you get when you free hand stuff….non~perfection! I added two greens to the heart and let them dry then did a thick layer of the yellow and let it mostly dry.

For some reason my acrylics were giving off a shine and that is not what I wanted so I went to my chalk paints and if you store them upside down you can get all the thick gooeyness to be at the top and sure enough the red was super thick!!!! So I slathered (there is no other word that every woman understands immediately…) on the thick red goodness and then I took a small metal palette knife and scraped off the layers in spots… just rolled off like when you were a kid and did those crayon scratches (which I see is making a comeback in the adult crafting arena!) and it just fell in blobs on the floor…it was lovely (and because I am all about not wasting my paints, I always use whatever leftovers I have for the base of the next painting so I was in seventh heaven to have all that sticky, rolled, paint to add to the next canvas). And as I did each layer, I would add what was left on my palette knife to the canvas just to add some more life to it. But it needed some depth so I knew my skills with the palette knife are not honed enough to try to get a thin black line around the heart so I used some black wax on a small, coarse brush and……

There you have it!!!! My Gypsy Heart…..the next photo is a close up of the texture….I have no idea why it is crackling but I love it…..I am just so pleased with how this turned out….

I had said if it turned out, I would teach a class on it this coming week (in case anyone wants to do it for Valentine’s Day) otherwise this will be later this Spring and you can do a heart or a star (if you are like me and do not care for hearts). The cost will be $35 and will take about 2-3 hours and will be on a 11×14 canvas. And of course, you can do it any color combo you want and bling it up (I have metallic acrylic paints, too) if that is what floats your boat! I can only do six folks at a time at the shop and MONDAY FEB 4th is the date and 6pm is the time. Please only sign up if you are sure you can do it since I only have six spots available (but if you want to do it before Valentine’s Day, let me know what night works for you this coming week and I can add another night or you can come in on Friday or Saturday before 1pm and do it. It is super fun and super easy….if you can butter toast you can use a palette knife!!!!

Text me at 218-736-9278 to sign up for MONDAY, FEB. 4 AT 6PM or to let me know that you want to do it but need it to be another night (or daytime is fine, too). Be warned, tho……once you start painting with palette knives you may get hooked like I am and want to do nothing but paint every day!!!! (I will acknowledge your text so you know I received it and you can ask me to call you if you need any questions answered!)

Please join me for this class or one coming up and it could change your life…it sure did mine!

The Happy, Happy Gypsy