I have a problem probably not too many people have…though creatives tend to create wherever they spent time at and need supplies at all those places, so it may not be that rare! My problem was today I made a cake…..well, actually I painted a cake. But the white paint that I used for the frosting looks just like 7 minute frosting my mom used to make (which I never liked…not sweet enough….I still like the old kind that used to make the back of your throat tingle it was so sweet) and after I got done “frosting” the fake cake, it needed something….so I texted my daughter who is also a creative, and she said put some sprinkles on it! Genius…..from my side of the family, of course!

Well, I wasn’t sure how real sprinkles would last on a painting so I figured I had something laying around the house…..and would you believe the only thing I could find to use was inside one of those little packets that come with shoes and stuff to keep moisture out….I opened it and there were these amber little balls….well…when in Rome….I put them on the cake and while they are okay, I was hoping for something with more POW and PIZAZZ….I even looked through all my jewelry to see what I could take apart but dang, anything I thought I could use for a project I had taken to the shop. There are thousands of little seed beads at the shop….of course. And there is a possibility that in my storage bus there are beads but even I am not crazy enough to go out and look in the bus in this weather. Oh well…..every painting I do for now is just for me so it really doesn’t matter…(I even thought of painting a bunch of bb’s…but it would have taken too long….had to put them on while the paint was wet).

So here is today’s painting….done on a 8×10 canvas board…..as always, the first photo is my inspiration and the rest are the process to get to the finish!