Well that didn’t turn out as I expected!

I finished my painting for today but it took me in an unexpected direction (much like my husband’s directions since he mixes up left and right all the time….I would think it was just him messing with me but he does it to others too, so I know he is not trying to lose me!)

So….not really sure how I feel about this one….I do know that I will use a clear wax over it and then go over it with a black wax…..in for a penny, in for a pound, eh?

As usual, all comments are welcomed. I have really thick skin (my doctor calls it fat but what does she know?) so feel free to give your honest opinion, you will not hurt my feelings at all. I read many times it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be really good at something (oh the places I could go with this….but I won’t!) and I have about 25 hours of painting with a palette knife practice….so I will never live long enough to ever be good at it but what the heck….I am having the time of my life and at my age, if it doesn’t involve doctors and drugs or surgeries, that is a win for me!!!!


  1. I found it! I like it except for the background color. Not sure what color would be better, but the one you have doesn’t do the rest of the picture justice. Just my opinion.😉


    • Did you like the background of the original picture i used as a guide? In real life it is more purplish than the royal blue that it comes up as. It will be at the shop so you can see it in person next time you come!


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