How about a little bit of purple passion in your life today?

Since it is way too cold to be a The Lumberjack & The Gypsy today, I had to stay home and paint (because doing housework or my business paperwork is just way too boring on a sunny day). This first photo is my inspiration for today’s painting.Isn’t that fun looking! You know I am all about color. I have got to get my hubs to make me a wooden coffin so I can paint it in wild colors….can’t be buried for eternity in some boring~colored tomb. But as usual, I digress…..

Here is my beginning of my painting…..I have found in my week’s worth of experience, that it is so much easier to get a good background going before starting to paint the actual picture. It is much harder to try to pop in color between flowers than to lay the flowers down on a finished background. I guess if I had ever taken a painting course I would have already known that but experience is the best teacher….or so I have been told! I also learned how different acrylic paints are by brand. I love the Artist Loft brand and it is very inexpensive and dries nice and quick but the Studio 71 brand is like using buttery frosting…so smooth and fluffy but takes forever to dry (but you can speed up the process by using your blow~dryer!). I will definitely be teaching some painting classes on using heavy body acrylics and palette knives….it is just so stinkin’ fun!

The obsessed Gypsy

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