Today’s project

Here is the inspiration for the painting I am doing….. and here are my steps to get something in that vein…….notice the background…I did it using chalk paint over a previously done one in oils that I never liked and then I “pounced” the brush with lots of paint on it to get that plaster effectsecond layer of paints on the cactus partadded dots and a background for the florals….I used a wavy palette knife and a rake palette knife to get this texture for the floralsI added the prickers to the cactus and put in the first layer of florals…..I think will definitely be an all day class but it is soooooo fun and trust me….I have NO painting talent….I just keep adding layers until it looks funky… not fear that you could not do this…I PROMISE you can……keep watching for the end results……


    • Hello Miss Lorie! My little shop is located outside of Carlton. You would take the freeway to the Black Bear Casino exit and instead of turning right to go the casino, you turn left on Hwy 210. Then about a block later, right across from the Qwik Trip, you turn right on Hwy 61 and go over the bridge and I am off to the left hand side…smack dab across from a semi place. I am hard to spot until you go past me as I have a multicolored picket fence on a small deck and a wild colored door. Look for the sign that says, Voyageur Mini Storage (we also own that) and my sign is right next to it but harder to read! I am open Fridays and Saturdays from 10-4. I would love for you and a friend to come and do a project with me (my treat!!!). I am not only obsessed with painting but also with decoupaging with napkins….I have over 225 different napkins to pick from and am always experimenting with different ways to use them. Today I have a student coming to do a wooden banner and she will decoupage napkins on them!


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