Well it was bound to happen.

I got interested in abstract painting using a palette knife and like all things I get interested in, I jump in with both feet and my credit card.

This is just today’s UPS order.I have a another whole set of the small ones, plus sets of neon, metallic, and pearlized paints. Also a set of much larger sized paints that come in plastic pouches and I found that you can order “tips” to go on the openings of them so you can make lines and write stuff ( a lot like cake decorating tips) by just screwing them onto the straw~like openings in the pouches so I had to order those….and I have a bunch of different palette knives to paint with so I am already to go ahead and get started……

Where did I learn how to paint like this, you ask? Well…….that’s the rub. I am teaching myself by watching videos and my favorite one is in French. No subtitles. I am fluent in witty comebacks and can get by with my knowledge of sarcasm but other than what little Spanish I learned from years of having to watch Sesame Street, and a few words in French from the movies, I have no idea as to what she is saying but thankfully I think I can just watch and learn. I mean, how hard can it be? Can you say, “Jackson Pollack”? I rest my case…….

So, I just finished my third painting and I am loving it….LOVING IT! I cannot show you my first painting as it is going to be a surprise for my husband for our anniversary but I will show you the other two. And I should have “staged” them but I am too lazy and so what you see is what you get.

I am going to be teaching this first one at my shop in March! I know, who teaches something they have only done three times…..but that is me. If I can do it, so can YOU! I have never taken a painting class in my life except for the three I did at Clyde Iron and I did not really “learn” anything…just followed the teachers directions (more or less). With my classes, you do all the work and I just give tips and plenty of encouragement so when you walk out of there, you have a one~of~a~kind piece. I do NOT follow rules…..so my art is more in tune with Folk Art than fine art. I paint (and do everything else) to please ME and I want to teach you how to stop worrying about what others might think about your work and focus on what you like about it. Life is too darn short to give a rat’s rump about what other’s think about what you make. If it pleases you, then that is ALL that matters.

So, without further chatter from yours truly…….can I get a kazoo toot…..here is my second palette knife only, painting….

“Cotton Pickin’s”

Well??? All comments are welcomed. I love the chippy~textured~layers~primitiveness of it. I had found a picture that I liked and it was my inspiration but I knew I wanted mine rougher. See if you click the photo if you can get a close up of the paint. And if it excites you, then YOU need to take my class. My art will not be for the person who likes order and neatness and structure. My painting style is “What the heck…let’s try this….let’s add this…..lets scrape this off a bit and add it over to here….oops….not a problem….we can just add more layers to it and no one will ever know!” Underneath this painting was one I started last week and it was going to be my camper in the woods with a big campfire and a gypsy dancing around the fire with a tambourine…..ya, well……let’s just say I am not ready for scenes yet BUT the underlayers of the old painting gave so much life to this one (same with my first one….I had tried doing a self~portrait but at first it looked like Ellen….then I tried harder to make it look more like me, it morphed into George Clooney with teal eyebrows so I gave up but the layers underneath were awesome….the canvas I used I had painted at Clyde Iron so it actually has two paintings underneath the top one!)

This next one is one I did by following the French woman on You Tube….more or less. I like it but prefer the first one more…..what do you think?I think my next one is going to be a colorful cactus plant!

If you would be interested in coming to the shop for a day of painting, just let me know. I will have set dates for the classes but I am always willing to have students come whenever it fits their schedules. Keep watching this site for new photos and times/dates/cost of the upcoming painting classes.

My daughter, O’Neill, is also going to be teaching a painting class next month at the shop…I will get the dates/times/cost up as soon as I can pin her down. It will be on a Monday night for sure since that is the night daddy is available to watch the kiddos! So watch for that info coming soon!!!!

Stay warm and craft on!!!!

The Gypsy