I have been in a frenzy making some fun little things for the shop to welcome the Holiday season. And when I create, stuff has a tendency to fall where it may and I spent way too much time looking for stuff that I just had but set down and by some cosmic force, is moved to somewhere else. Way too much time. And I trip a lot over the piles of stuff on the floor by where I am working. I am sure there must be a name for the way I work but the best I can come up with is Disordered Creative Clutter….I wonder if I can trademark that and write a best~selling book and become famous and have my own TV show with four assistants to keep track of all my stuff. Ya, I’ll get on that just as soon as I get organized!

So from disordered creative chaos has come these charming little pieces of work. Each one is for sale and they are all one of a kind. I like to use a lot of vintage stuff in my work so there is no way to reproduce what I make so if you see something you like, better high~tail it over to the shop before it is gone….or you can call me…or text me..and tell me you want it and I can get your credit card/debit info and it’s is yours my friend!

So let the photo fun begin…..vintage doll chest with old garland and gold tree. Tree has vintage jewelry for ornaments…very shiny in real life! $40

this old fashioned vignette is made up of an old explosives box with greenery, a carved Santa and a battery operated candle. $40. Also there is a vintage felt baby shoe with greens and a cotton boll in it (I think it is between 4.99-7.99) and a heavy metal stocking holder with an electric drip candle for $18.50. The tree is not vintage and is just $5.00.

on my favorite shelving unit (going to redo this baby soon into something bright and unusual) you will see more vintage baby shoes with cotton bolls and sprigs of green, a vintage pair of handmade ceramic angels and little boys holding lambs and on the top shelf are vintage spice tins from the 60’s and 70’s filled with greens and a variety of things ($4.99-8.99). If you make the photo larger, you will see a wire egg holder with greens and a tiny candle ($4.99) and some vintage textile wooden spools with greens and a candle light wrapped in greens ($5.99-12.50)

ooooo, lots of fun stuff here…..starting on the left is a vintage metal grater stuffed with greens, a cinnamon stick and little gingerbread boy, a wool wrapped candy cane and a metal gingerbread cookie cutter ($12.50-17.50), a large wooden textile spool (12.50) a bottle lamp kit including the 40W Edison bulb ($14.50), more vintage spice tins with greens and other things in them (4.99-8.99), two very old scales ($35-48.50), a Virginia Dare wine bottle with large jingle bells (12.50) (google Virginia Dare….she saved a bunch of people from a ship wreck), another large wooden textile spool and bottle lamp kit, and an old flour sifter filled with greens and an electric drip candle and three tiny baking tools (21.50-24.99) and hidden on the top shelf above the last spool is a vintage cheese box filled with greens and cotton boll ($8.99-12.99)

my favorite…..an old trunk with a hand painted and waxed bear holding a fishing creel made from birch bark, a campfire, a handmade wooden banner and a sign. I just love this guy…($55), little red rubber boots filled with a “Charlie Brown” tree and large bell (9.99 each)

Make sure you enlarge the photo to see everything here. Trees start at $15 and go up to $40). Large nutcracker ($15…may be sold already), vintage reed and cork goose with wool scarf ($50), Arrowhead Wood Products children’s sled, very old child’s rocker…super sturdy and has original burgundy sculpted mohair upholstery on it…in great shape ($125), Arrowhead Wood Products snowshoe plaque with deer head ~one of a kind ($95)

this is my second favorite thing….a vintage picnic basket packed with greens, a camp fire, a wooden fish pull toy, a vintage photo of army barracks, an old Boy Scouts of America mess kit and eating utensils and a red metal pot with fishing lures on it. ($65-75)

Duncan Phyfe table underneath the vintage table cloth….with two chairs ($125)

I have made a couple of “camp fires” out of old rusty buckets….they are the latest trend so get ’em while I still have them ($25-45). I also have two very old metal wagons in super shape that would be so fun to use for all your seasonal decorating inside or out. They are $50 a piece (on ebay they are going for more than $125 so $50 is quite a deal!) See the old wooden ironing board in the corner….it is in awesome shape and has that wonderful 1930’s green color on the metal legs and even has most of it’s original decal. The uses for this are many…..bar, table, set up to hold your vintage textiles or aprons or whatever collections you have….I love this piece so much I hate to part with it but it is not mine to keep so you can walk away with it for just $75 (I may cry a few tears….)

and don’t forget I have the best jams, jellies, syrups and salsa all locally made. Food always makes for a gift that is sure to please especially for older folks who really don’t want or need things to wear or for the house….everyone loves food gifts. You come in and I will help you pick out some memorable gifts for your loved ones.

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