This woman just learned that THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY does home craft classes! Yes, you heard…um, I, that right. HOME CRAFT CLASSES! How stinkin’ exciting is that? You invite a few folks over to craft and Robyn (the head Gypsy) brings everything ya’ll will need to create something fun for yourself, your home or as a gift! No need to go out in our cold and often ugly Northland weather. Let Robyn risk life and limb, she’s kinda nuts that way! And you can do it any day/night of the week including weekends. There isn’t much the Gypsy can’t teach (except for painting on canvass…but she is teaching herself how to do abstract people/florals/animals/scenes so it may also be an option in the coming months!).

Like the idea of getting out, well then here are some up~coming classes through Carlton Community Ed that the Gypsy will be doing AT her shop (not at the school).

This is a photo of banner you can make….you will choose whatever YOU want on them…both sides…or you can just paint and stencil some or all…..I provide the wood banners and the twine and decoupage stuff including over 200 napkin designs to put on them and these ones are 8″x 5″ but I have smaller ones that are 4″x3″ you could do also to hang on your outside door!

Okay so let’s see some photos of the first Home, Crafty, Home class. Seven ladies and two lady bears with aprons and a wooden spoon or a rolling pin in their hand, a gentleman bear farmer with his pitch fork, a happy hippo, a energetic golden retriever, a bearded clipped Shitzu, and a lazy green~eyed cat with his ball of rags. Oh, and a chick with her egg in a nice and cozy nest!

I presew the bodies of all my animals and dolls so you do not need to know how to use a sewing machine….you stuff, paint and wax and add whatever eyes, nose, etc. you want…I have a ton of extras that I bring so you have so much to choose from. If the critter or doll has clothing, it also comes presewed and I usually have at least three different choices for you to pick from. I make my classes as easy as possible so every person can do them and often I can include children in the class (with a parent). So many options…just ask me!

See something on Pinterest you want to make? Just call, text or email me and if I can do it, we can set up a time for you to come to the shop or if you want to gather some friends, we can do it at your house!

If you are at all interested in seeing what is going on at the shop and what classes will be available, please follow this blog or LIKE thelumberjackandthegypsy on FaceBook or send me your email at: and I will see that you get a personal email to let you know what classes are coming up (I don’t even know how to do those mass email things so it will be just to you from me!)

Off now to work on more projects…..thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon at the shop for a class or just a visit (I just bought a new coffee pot and hot pot so there will be coffee and hot chocolate and tea for you to sip on while you visit!)

The Gypsy (aka Robyn (Van Wave) Belsvik)

THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY. Open Fridays and Saturdays 10-4. Credit/debit cards welcome.