A friend of mine had given me this clock and while it was a perfectly fine clock as it sat, it did not “speak” to me so I changed it up with some black and gold paint, a napkin and some sparkle Mod Podge….NOW we are talking my language!

Got something you want changed up? As long as it is solid, we can redo it. Stop by the shop any Friday or Saturday (but please text me first just to make sure I am going to be there as sometimes I have to be gone and someone else is running the joint!) and I can set you up and help you turn “dull” into “FANTASTIC”! And you don’t even have to add glitter to it….I will overlook your lack of taste and help you make it “speak” to you! And it won’t be much more than a cup of designer coffee!!!

Text me today! 218-736-9278 or email me at: robyn@thelumberjackandthegypsy.com