Back in 1999, my husband and I were convinced Y2K was going to happen so we stocked up on everything imaginable….water purification system, TWO hand grinders to mill our own wheat berries (150# plus other grains), countless 5 gallon pails of dried beans, etc. and enough toilet paper that I did not have to buy any for 8 solid (pun?) months.

Well by the looks of my napkin stash, it appears I must have that same mentality. I have been buying napkins like there is going to be a massive shortage of decorative paper napkins.

All because I have become OBSESSED with decoupaging with napkins. I may need to have a seperate room for my napkin collection at the shop. My mind is a’whirl with decoupaging ideas but one must have the napkins on hand to put the ideas from my head on to the project, right? So hence the frenzy to acquire more napkins. By the time I count all the different napkins I have, I am now convinced it will be close to 200.


Since most napkin packages have at least 10 napkins per package….well you do the math…..if my shop should ever fail, I will NEVER need to buy another napkin in my lifetime!

Here are just a few examples of how I am going to use them….

I did learn by doing this pumpkin that dark bases do not work well with napkins. I have done a purple base Vikings one but it is not finished or I could show that one, too. I did not buy every football team napkins just Vikings and Packers. I can, however, order them should anyone want to come and do a different team on whatever you bring to decoupage (I will have vases available if you don’t have anything PLUS keep watching this site to see what I have planned for later this fall using napkins!!!). Just give me a head’s up as to when you want to come to do it so I have time to order the napkins (at least a week). I did get the UofM Badgers; the Minnesota Wild; The Timberwolves; and did I miss any other big MN team? I do not yet have any UMD Bulldog napkins as they were not at the place I just ordered from but I am sure I can get them should anyone want to do a project using them.

I love doing vases. They turn out so funky! The first photo is a dollar store vase. The second was a gin bottle. The third a green vase I had tucked away for years and this last one I just found in a box of stuff a friend gave me. You can decoupage ANYTHING that is solid. That being said, I DO NOT include any kind of water-proofing sealer in my class. That will be up to you to do if you want your piece to be able to be cleaned by water. The decoupaging medium is water soluble so if you wet it, it will wash off. Great if you hate what you did and want to start over but not so great if you want to be able to wash off the item. But you can buy a can of any kind of non-water soluble sealer and spray it (or if you have some oil based product at home, just slap that stuff on and let dry for a good week….until it is no longer tacky.)

So, how can you come and partake in my napkin decoupaging obsession? Heck, that is the easiest part of all. Just show up on a Friday or Saturday between 10-4 (well, I guess 3 should be the cut-off since it will take you an hour or so to do your project if it is a smaller one….anything larger than a vase or a pumpkin or a loaf of bread, you better call me to see how long it could take!!!!). And the cost is dependent on how many napkins you use and how big the piece is. But I promise most will be the cost of a Starbucks medium Frappuccino!!!! Can’t come in during the day??? Well, you can come the 2nd or 4th Thursday night from 5:30 to 8:30. Just let me know so I am there cause if no one signs up for a class on those nights, I do not come in. But, I will happily come in for just one person! My heart is to see everyone find their creative juice and sister’s, you all have some, I can guarantee that! I did not find mine until I was in my mid-thirties and I keep finding more and more juice as I try different things and you are no different! I can promise you a great time!!!!

So call or text me at my business phone (218~736-9278) if you have any questions or want to come on Sept. 13th or Sept. 27 (the Thursday nights I will be open for classes). Got a few friends who might like to do this but need to do it on a different day or night? Just call me. I am willing to come in most any day or night to give a class. Or even come to your house if you want to do a wine/craft night. I cannot serve any alcohol at my shop but would gladly haul my stuff to your house so you can!!!!

So, you have no excuse not to tap into your creative side even if you think you have none. I am like a “craft whisperer” and I can teach you how to find yours!

Call me (if you know me, you will know I NEVER say that!) or text me at 218-736-9278 and let’s get this party started!!!

Robyn Belsvik (The Gypsy)