What an awful summer for getting stuff done at the shop. As someone who cannot tolerate humidity, this summer has been the worst ever. It started in May and it continues into September.

Then I had the hand surgery fiasco. That took two months of healing (and my palm still hurts all the time where the giant hole was).

And just before the hole disappeared, I got bit by a spider and had a whole new host of maladies to deal with.

Finally on the mend from the bite and I break my baby toe on a piece of decor sitting on the floor waiting to be put up on the wall.

Seriously, I am really wondering if there are “forces” that are trying to stop me from getting the shop in tip~top shape ( but I am a fighter and a survivor so it just means I work that much harder and don’t give up!)

Okay, enough about me….I have some news to share. I will be doing three classes through Carlton Community Education, here at the shop.

September’s class will be Beginning Rug Hooking. It is a two night class from 6-9pm on Tuesday, September 18 and September 25 and costs $30.00. You will learn how to do the basic hooking technique and how to sculpt the wool for a raised area. This is not latch hook or punch hook but the old way of using wool strips of fabric. You will get a hoop, your pattern on Monks cloth, a hook and all the pre~cut wool strips you will need to finish your project. It takes approximately 6 hours to finish your sample piece (that’s why there are two nights). I will also show you how to finish off your piece in a couple of different ways and give you ideas as to how to display it. Once you start, you will be “hooked” for life! You can choose between a pumpkin or a crow. These photos are just EXAMPLES and you will pick your own colors from a huge pile of pre~cut wool strips. But say you want to learn to hook but Tuesday nights don’t work for you….well have I got a deal for you! I will also be doing rug hooking classes on THURSDAY nights at my shop!!! Same price, same sample size BUT you can tell me what you would like to hook if you don’t want to do a pumpkin or a crow! I have samples of hearts and stars already hooked up (and other pieces for other seasons) but as long as it is a simple design that will only take a few colors (or you are willing to use my stash of already cut wool pieces) the sky is the limit! You will need to call me the week BEFORE you want to come so I can get your pattern and wool ready. I will have the pumpkin and crow ready for this THURSDAY night (September 13) so all you need to do is call me (or text/messenger me) so I know you are coming. You can come at whatever time suits you (I am really flexible for my own classes at the shop) and stay as long as you want. AND if you cannot come at all during the evenings…..WELL SISTER IT IS YOUR LUCKY DAY…..you can also come during shop hours on Fridays or Saturdays and do your project!!! I love the company. So you have no excuse not to learn how to be a “hooker” if you think it is something you would like to try.

Call/text me at: 218~736-9287 any time (my business phone) or PM me on FaceBook (my personal page as my business page is under construction) and we can schedule your hooking lesson!

The Gypsy