If I could just get four days of perfect weather (60 degrees and sunny) I could finish up all the painting on the outside of my shop! This goofy Minnesota weather is driving me batty. Four lousy days….that’s all I need….well, I guess “lousy” is the wrong word since LOUSY is what we are getting. At least the door is painted and one coat of sealer is on it so if the rain hits it nothing should happen to the finish. and the picket fence is coming along nicely. I have started painting the insides of the pickets….I am thinking of tying it altogether by painting the trim around the door AND the two stabling boards on the pickets the same color.but until I am done with the inside pickets, I won’t know what color yet. And then there is the decking and the two stairs…..I would love to paint them a fun color but I am really pushing my luck now with my landlords…they have been out-of-town and have not seen the door. I will tell them to “trust me” and wait until the whole thing is done and then tell me how they feel! I am thinking of doing the horizontal boards at the peak of the back wall in chalk paint like the pickets but the vertical boards in exterior latex…and in just one color.

Next time you go North on I-35, look to your right about a half mile or less from the Black Bear Casino exit and see if you notice my shop….you should be able to see it from there!!!!

I am meeting with a graphic designer tomorrow to get my own logo made! I have business cards and vinyl signs made by Vista Print but I want a true reflection of my shop and what is in it. As of right now, I have NO clue as to how to go about finding ideas (at $40 an hour for the designer, I better darn well have something in my head before I walk in there!!!!). If the outside were done, I might just go with a really good photo but I have to think about black and white ads so maybe a photo would not work well. I better grab an adult beverage and start looking at Pinterest!

And by the way, I opted for a paid website/blog so no more ads! And I have a smaller web address plus a real email address…..ya, I know…took me long enough. But I am really proud of myself cause I did it all on my own and you all know that my super power really messes with anything electronic so the fact that I did it with only a glitch or two (and I had to fight off my goofy puppy during it as she loves to go bonkers and attack me while I am on my ipad and she hits the keypad with her stinkin’ huge paws and she is really strong and she will wrap herself around my neck like a canine boa and then lick my ears or neck and that makes me crazy insane and I laugh like a fool and that sends her into even more frenetic activity…the dog is nutso…big time.) Now if I could just figure out how to get into my shop FB page and remove stuff and add stuff…..oh well…one problem at a time, eh?

So please stop by some Friday or Saturday for a visit. I am there from 10am to 4pm. I-35 to the Black Bear Casino exit. Turn AWAY from the Black Bear (I am directionally challenged so I do not know my easts from my souths) and go a block towards Carlton and then turn RIGHT at the sign that says “ATKINSON” and go over the bridge and I am on the left hand side about a block or so after the bridge in a sandy brown, one story, building with two different colored roofs (shouldn’t that be “rooves”? Crazy English spelling never follows it’s own rules). I am making a big wood sign to put on the Hwy which will HOPEFULLY be done by this weekend so I will be more visible from Hwy 61. Just look for the crazy-colored picket fence and the wild colored door….that is ME!!!

New web address: thelumberjackandthegypsy.com

New email address: robyn@thelumberjackandthegypsy.com

New phone number: 218-391-2203