My shop (The Lumberjack & The Gypsy) is just about ready for a Grand Opening Weekend.  This goofy Minnesota weather has delayed me a bit as well as a host of other things but once I get the outside painted and the decking stenciled….I will have it.  Of course, it has been open for business since the beginning of March but just quietly.  Someone once said, “You never get a second chance at a first impression” and so I am waiting until I am happy with the store’s looks.  My landlords have graciously allowed me to paint the outside “nothing too wild” but said I could do what I want with the door!  And ya all know I will!

I now have 10 gypsies and 2 lumberjacks who have brought their talents and vintage treasures to the shop.  It is chock full.  Somehow I need to convince my husband that I need the room his stuff is in for my storage/work area.  The space I have my classroom in needs to become more shop space.  The little room that I now have for craft storage needs to become the classroom.  And I was worried that I would not have enough stuff to make it look not bare!  What was I thinking?

I have had two classes now.  Both on work days and not the scheduled Thursday nights and it has worked out great.  I so love, love, love teaching.  I have even begun making my own patterns for custom animals.  So if you have an animal you want to make, I can make you a resemblance of it for you to work on.  As I get more experienced in painting, I will start to accept commissions to make the whole animal for you who cannot come to the class or wish not to do them yourselves.  Just gotta get my “fur” technique down pat.  I can see in my mind what I want but there seems to be a kink in the connection between my brain and my hand!!!  A lot like the huge kink between my brain and my mouth!

The salsa I sell has been a huge hit with customers.  It comes in Mild, Medium, Hot and Stupid Hot.  I have had the medium and it tastes so good and has a kick that is just about at my hotness range (if the area under my eyes start to sweat, it is too hot) but I think I could do the Hot if I had sour cream to add to it.  A customer has had the Stupid Hot and she put a dab on the middle of a Trisket and it worked for her but she likes hot (she said the flavor was great also) and my sister had the mild and she said it left her tongue burning (but ketchup burns her tongue so I am suspect as to the validity of her assessment!!).   At the Grand Opening, I will have all of them to try so you can taste for yourself.

I also have local Maple Syrup.  If you are still using “fake” maple corn syrup, you need to throw it away and get yourself some pure maple syrup.  A little goes a long way and the taste is to die for.  I promise you will never go back to Aunt Jemmima again.

How about some photos now, okay?  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words…..

My sister made the fox to be the mate to one she bought from me and I had my dad’s old bib overalls (he has been gone 27 years) so I made her the jeans from those!

The white dog is a Maltese that I made the pattern for and the black and white dog is a designer dog called a Cavachon and I made that pattern, too.  Both dogs were custom made from photos of real dogs and given as gifts to the dogs owner’s.  I have a photo of the real Cavachon and it’s doppelgänger but because it is on my ancient phone which now will not allow me to send anything from it, I will have to add it later!

The white cat was done by an 11 year old and the black/white hound dog was done by a 13 year old!   Their gramma did the black and white Cavachon the week before!

Taking a class with a child/grandchild/sister/friend/mom/grandmom/dad/etc.  is a great gift.  Not only do you get to spend some quality time with them but you both get to take home a memory of the day!   Think of doing a project for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day (will have stuffed fish to make soon!!!) with or for your loved ones. I can be at the shop whenever you want to do the class.  I just need a couple of days notice to make sure I have everything presewn.  I will even come in on Mother’s Day if anyone wants to treat their mom to a class!

Please email me at: if you are interested in taking a class or having an animal made for you!

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