After months and months of delays and more stress than I care to look back on, I can now say, THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY will be open for business March 2, 2018.  To get my feet wet in the business world, I will be open just Fridays and Saturdays from 10-4.  I will increase the days during the summer months as old Hwy. 61 gets a lot of traffic in the summer.

The shop is still not done to my standards but as the weather warms up, I hope my handyman can get the things done that are still needed to make it “perfect” in my eyes.  So please keep watching for more picture updates.

I am still looking for unique and funky consignment items.  If you or someone you knows makes cool stuff please have them email photos or links to their websites or FaceBook page.  I also love vintage items.

As I had mentioned before, I am going to be holding crafting classes on the 2nd and 4th Thursday nights of the month.  I will be posting a separate notice about what I have planned for the studio part of THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY.  I am so excited as that is truly where my heart is.

So enough blabbing,  here are some recent shots of the inside of the shop (the outside is still a work in progress)!

This is a shot of the section that is highlighting the Lumberjack’s work.  We still have a few toboggans left, quite a few children’s sleds in three styles, a few pair of finished adult snowshoes and one pair of kid’s snowshoes and the three snowshoe wall hangings.  The boat shelf was just sold but we have two more waiting to be sealed so if you have been wanting one, now is the time to get it since I am not sure if the Lumberjack will be making more.  We also have pads for all the sleds and toboggans available for purchase.  Soon I will be moving the winter pieces into the back room and bringing out more of the furniture we have, so stay tuned.


B54787BE-679E-4CD2-949E-9421108FE36BThis is my favorite spot.  It is where I put all the stuff that was dear to my heart that I could not live without and had to buy!  My poor mail carrier had to deliver most of this stuff and I think the real saddle really threw him for a loop when I went to get it from him (we are so blessed by him, he comes into our driveway and honks the horn when we have packages that are too big to be put in our big mailbox) and he said he didn’t know we had a horse and I said we didn’t…that I was just going to use it as decoration!  A few times a week, I will be showcasing pieces that reside in this spot of the shop.

16191175-D9C5-4B76-817D-DE6F0ACA4AC1Gisele is the shop’s true Gypsy.  She will always be happy to see you when you enter the shop and my even tell your fortune if you sweet talk her enough.  I had a man the other day come in and immediately wanted to buy Gisele’s beautiful wig.  Sorry fella, neither Gisele or her hair is for sale!  But almost everything else you see is!  And I am set up with a system that connects to my ipad so I can accept all forms of payment!  So after that big win over at Black Bear Casino, mosey on over to THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY and spread the wealth!  We are only a half mile away and I love to help folks spent their money.

THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY is located at 1592 Olsonville Road right off of Old Hwy 61.  Take I-35 to exit 235 turn onto Hwy 210 (away from the casino).  Turn right on Old Hwy 61 (there is a big green sign that says ATKINSON, turn after sign.  Go over a bridge and you will see us on the left hand side.  Sandy brown, one story building.  1592 is the address.  I have a deck on the entrance of the shop and you will see my sign.  Come right on in, I will have the coffee pot on!

Hope to see you soon,

The Gypsy