THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY is now ready to begin having craft classes on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month.  Instead of having a specific class for each of the Thursdays, I thought I would try something different.  I am going to have a big variety of projects you can choose from and you pick the night and the project.  If a Thursday night doesn’t jive with your schedule, come on in during business hours and I will set you up with everything you need to complete your project (just make sure you have enough time set aside to complete the project…usually 2.5 to 3 hours).

I also will bring the craft class to your house!  If you have four or more people, I will bring whatever projects you have decided on and everything needed to complete each  project.  Please plan on at least three hours since everyone loves to talk while crafting and that can slow things down!  Home craft classes will need to be prepaid  before the day of the class and refunds for home class students who need to cancel will be given in the form of a gift certificate.  Home craft classes can take place during the day or evening!

I will be adding new projects each week or as I finish an example.  If you see nothing that tickles your fancy, check back often because I am sure you will.  Also, I can custom design a project for you like the ones shown but from your photos or drawings….if I can see it or imagine it, I can usually come up with a way to make it!

So, without further ado, here are the first batch of project examples….now remember, these are just examples, you will make your’s however you like, nothing is set in stone when it comes to creativity.

All of the critters you will see in these photos are from patterns by:    I have put my own touches on some of them so they may not look exactly like the pictures on the patterns but that is the great thing about being a creative.  You take something and make it different from the original.

Okay, enough talking….on to the projects…..C930BBC4-31B3-47BA-879F-D994CDB9C92A This is Florence Foxworthy.  You will get her body, arms and legs presewn. You will stuff her, close her openings either by super simple hand sewing or by glueing, attach her arms and legs, paint her, blow dry her, wax her (no, not like a Brazilian wax) add your choice of eyes, pick out her presewn dress (and apron, if you wish) and then you can add bling or buttons or whatever else you can find in my boxes of extras.  The cost for basic Florence is $18.50 that includes all the presewn body parts, the stuffing, paints, wax, her presewn dress and an apron if you wish.  I will have available for a small extra cost; dresses in vintage material, aprons in vintage material, vintage jewelry, glass blown eyes, old shoebuttons for eyes, and all sorts of doodads that can really personalize your Foxy Lady.

3B3B1738-88AE-4078-BC17-3AD8A03F3627This is Benny the Beagle.  He will come with a presewn body that you will stuff, close the one little opening, add some decorative stitching if you wish, paint him, blow dry  and wax him. His ear can stay up or you can fold it down and add a dab of glue to make it stay down. You choose what kind of eyes and collar he has.  All this for $15.  You can purchase glass blown eyes if you wish.


This alluring young filly is D’Lila.  She has presewn arms, legs and body.  You stuff her, add her arms and legs, add some stitches to her nose and mouth, paint, blow dry and then wax her. She also has a presewn dress and apron.  You can choose what kind of a mane to give her from various materials.  Eyes can be painted as shown or you can add beads or tiny buttons for her eyes.  All this loveliness for $15.00.  Presewn dress in vintage material and apron can be purchased also as can doodads to give her some personality….not that she needs it….she is one feisty filly as she stands!

The FatCat triplets are always causing trouble down at the bowling alley.  Tom, Dick and Harry are made from presewn bodies of muslin, wool stripes, a waxed piece of fabric for their noses and are painted and waxed.  You can also add some twisted wire whiskers.  Your choice of colors.  Got a FatCat of your own.  Bring along a photo and we can make it look like yours.  Each FatCat is sold separately for the scrappy amount of $15.  Glass blown eyes are available for purchase (Tom’s eyes are glass as an example)

Mr and Mrs. Wilson are my favorites.  Each has a presewn body that you will stuff, add some primitive stitches around the nose and muzzle and in the ears and attach the arms, paint them, dry and wax.  Mr. Wilson would look so grrrrrreat with a newspaper rolled up under his arm and a roll of “Charmin” in his paw because we all know what a bear does in the woods.  Mrs. Wilson has an apron of your choice and you can purchase any manner of doodads to help her feel more like herself such as a rolling pin, or a wire whisk or a wooden spoon or maybe you think she needs to get out more and will give her some beads for a necklace and a bracelet and a pair of diamond earrings….nothing is too good for Mr. Wilson’s woman.  The basic Mr or Mrs. Wilson is $15. Including an apron….hey, men wear aprons, too!

Kyle and Kitty Katlyn are a real pair of homebodies.  Kyle is just content to lay on his side and paw at his ball of rags while his sister, Kitty putters around the house in her apron and bead necklace.  Kyle and Kitty can be made to either lay, sit or “stand” upright.  Pick your favorite pose and colors and let’s get this party started.  As always, if you have a cat you would like to paint, bring along it’s photo and I will do my best to help you achieve a reasonable facsimile of thee aforementioned feline.  Kitty comes with an apron of your choice and a bead necklace and Kyle can have a rag ball or a wool mouse to hang on to.  Vintage material apron or vintage jewelry is available for an extra cost as are a vast array of doodads to personalize your Katlyn cat!  Basic Kitty or Kyle is $15.00

Vince and Dominik D’Muchi are brothers that are as different as night and day.  Vince is the younger one.  Devoted son, plays fetch with all the neighborhood kids, runs errands for old ladies and hasn’t had a reason to bark since ‘56.  Dominik, on the other hand, has been a pain in his momma’s heart every since he was born.  Biggest of a litter of eleven, he hogged every milk vessel causing six siblings to be the runts of the litter.  “Always ready to fight and bite” was the credo he lived by.  Sure, he’s done a stint or two at the pound but he always found a way to charm the saps coming to look for a nice, sweet, dog to take to their loving homes.  Both Vince and Dominik come with presewn bodies and arms,  you just need to stuff, attach arms, do some primitive stitches around their nose and make a mouth (or in Dom’s case, a sneer) paint, blow dry, and wax.  Your choice of collars and eyes.  Doodads are always available for a small extra cost (tho Dominik is not allowed to have any guns or toys with squeakers till 2025 when his parole is up).  If you have a dog with an attitude, you definitely will want to make one of these guys for a steal of $15.

E72B3DB8-2B79-4DD5-92A2-4551189F357CThis laid back guy is Midnight.  He loves everyone. He loves everything.  He never stops to think before eating something.  Dr. Barker has a new car because of all the times he has had to treat Midnight for eating something that he should not have.  Midnight will come presewn, you just stuff him, paint, dry, and wax him.  Add some stitching detail to his nose and mouth and pick out some eyes for him and a bandana and he is yours forever.  Adoption fee is only $15 and a hug.  Midnight has a brother Buddy, but he is camera shy so you can only see his big Buddy butt in the photo of Kitty Katlyn.  Buddy has a heart of gold but the brains of a scarecrow before he hits the Emerald City!

I can also do custom patterns of your pet. Send me a shot of how you want the pattern to be: sitting, standing, laying down, running, jumping and then a few photos of your dog or cat or horse/pig/ferret/rat/snake/lizard/whatever and I will see what I can come up with.  Price will depend on the difficulty of the pattern.

I also have presewn wings available if you have a beloved pet that is gone and you would like to do it as an angel….great tribute to a great friend!

So, did you find a critter to make?  Each critter has a safety pin in their backsides for you to hang them from should you choose or use them as a decorative pillow or a toy.

How about signing yourself and your child or grandchild up?  Children 10 and older are welcome (younger if you feel they could keep interested in the project for up to three hours and could do the work).

Got an artsy-fartsy kid who has a birthday coming up?  How about a quick and easy craft time at the party instead of mass chaos?

Stop on down at the shop during business hours to see the projects in person as they are so much better looking than the photos, plus see how cool the waxing makes the critters look and feel.  Vince looks just like leather.

Questions?  Comments?  Email me at: or text me at 218-348-5594