My husband had to make a dump run and I told him to pick me up anything that looks like I could use it for something….probably not your average spousal conversation unless you are a creative person and you know that the local dump/recycling center could be a treasure trove of cool parts-pieces.

The man did not disappoint…..this is what he came back with…..

Now unless you have a trained eye, you see a pile of plumbing junk…..I see a huge array of arms and legs and bodies and heads and lamp wanna-be’s.  I would have paid good money at a rummage sale for this stuff.

And on his way back home, he stopped by a rummage sale and got me this…..

IMG_2335An old dinner bell thingy…..I can so see this as a hanging lamp.

I don’t know who was more thrilled, me or my husband, since he had finally done something right!!!

And this lovely but, oh, so heavy, gem is going to be a sliding door helping to separate this shop from the studio/classroom.  I had the vision, hubs had the tools and muscle and without so much as a cross word between us, we came together and got it up on casters and huge metal hooks and “hung it” from a pipe going from one wall to another (but being the goober that I am, I forgot to get the “after” photo….).  Not only can I move it from one side to another but I can use it as a display for more stuff!!!

IMG_2336It is slowly taking shape and there are days where I get frustrated at my lack of energy and physical abilities, cause I want to do so much and have ideas spilling out of my ears and keeping me awake all night long.  I need a gypsy who can do basic retwirering, and knows her way around a drill and screw driver and table saw and metal nibbler to join my tiny band of creatives.  If you are that woman and want to come aboard this crazy caravan, please leave me a comment and I will contact you and we will meet for lunch and talk it over.  As soon as I have a better handle on getting the stuff I own into the shop and priced, etc. I will be sending out a “casting call” for other gypsies to add their creative pieces to our tiny shop.  I am blessed to not have any deadlines so I can work at a pace that I can handle and not get too overwhelmed!

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The Gypsy Queen