Got all the painting done….except for the missing baseboards….how do baseboards disappear?  Or were they never there to begin with?  Hubs is clueless….

Got some more area rugs coming.  My plan is to have a vignette on each rug, highlighting a specific product/s.

The photos are just what I’ve thrown together just to get some kind of idea as to what might work.  I still am stumped as to what to use to hang things from the tin walls.  I was thinking magnetic hooks but the more I read about them, the less I think they will work.  Who knew that the strength of a magnetic hook decreases by 2/3rds when it is used sideways instead of “downways” (is that even a word?).  And since I have a dropped ceiling I can’t hang anything heavier than a paper aeroplane from them….major bummer.

Thankfully I have a nice support beam that will sport some really cool lamps I will be having made from a Face Book friend from Louisiana.  The woman is a southern Martha Stewart/Joanna Gaines/Junk Gypsy Sister, all rolled into one.  When God gave out talent, He must have blessed her tenfold.

Today was the first day I actually “used” the studio part.  And I loved it.  I can’t wait to get all my stuff there (I may have to bring my old Airstream there to hold my crafting supply overflow!)  Now if God would just have blessed me with money instead of beauty, I would be all set!

So enjoy the photos and remember NOTHING is set in stone and I am just “practicing” so things will change as I add more “personality” to the place.  (I really have a tendency to use quotation marks and exclamation points and parentheses when I write, don’t I?  If you know me, you know when I speak I have all these things in my spoken language too!  I once had a woman ask me if I was always so enthusiastic when I spoke.  Up until then, I never realized I spoke with a lot of passion and exuberance and emotion….I must exhaust some folks who are quieter and more soft spoken….sorry…)

And let me know what you think of my front door.  At first, I was thinking it wasn’t turning out like I had thought of in my head, but the more I look at it and see it as part of the room, the more I like it.   My landlady has not yet seen it and if she wasn’t happy with the little bit of purple in the room, I can’t imagine how thrilled she is gonna be with this door…..hahahaha.  Good thing she really likes me.

I am still waiting for hubs to get me the pegboard walls that we have so I can put tin on the fronts of them and separate the studio from the shop area.  The handyman that works for hubs is coming to put in a new door in the storage/office room and to fix the regular kitchen sink in a back room that we also rent so I will have a nice big sink to use to wash out brushes, etc.

The little bathroom is on hold as I want to use a shower curtain on the back wall to hide the ugliness of the unfinished sheet rock but the landlord just had open heart surgery and I need to get the approval of his wife as to which shower curtain I can use as we all know my ideas are not anywhere near her comfort zone.  And she has not been in the building (our businesses share the one bathroom).

I am also hoping to use some old fence pickets I used to have around my flower garden at my house to put on the new little deck hubs had made for me on the outside of the front door.  If I had my way, they would be multicolored on the inside and white on the outside but I can only push my charming personality so far so I may have to compromise and sneak some color into the sides of the pickets and paint them white on the front and back.  And I had wanted a huge, multi-colored mandala stenciled on the middle of the deck but somehow I think that too, may just be a pipe dream.  Compromise has never come easy to me when it comes to my artistic visions….just ask the hubs!

Enough for now,

The Gypsy