Do you ever get the feeling you are on a mouse-wheel?  You are moving all the time, faster and faster, but getting nowhere?  That is kinda how I feel about the remake of my place.

Me and my little band of gypsies, (Kathy and Irene) have been putting in a few hours of work three days a week now for two weeks and while I know what has been done, when I show you the photos, you may think….seriously….it has taken you that long to do this?   But keep in mind, one of my gypsies is recovering from a near fatal brain aneurysm and while her spirit is determined, her body doesn’t always do what she wants and then there is me….I work hard for as long as I can and then my body crashes and I have to spend the next day doing NOTHING.  Just having to be somewhere three-four days a week is exhausting for me, let alone climbing the ladder, bending over, stretching, painting and re-painting, etc.   So, in terms of our “handicaps”, I guess we should be proud that we have gotten this far!

So before I show you the photos, let me tell you what we did so you can look for the changes (in case they are not that obvious to you!)

In the last photos, I showed where I was giving the honey-colored paneling a silver wash to try to blend it in with the rusted tin and the barn-board looking flooring.  Well, when I was done, I was not happy with it.   So I put on my magical artist beret, and came up with a four-color wash to put over it.  I used brown, orange, bronze-gold metallic, and a copper metalic chalk paint and the results are awesome (at least in real-life…not sure you can see the “life” now in the wood in the photos)

Before and after

Then, we did a silver wash over the newly planed baseboards but again, they were too bright so I used the four-color wash on those and perfection!

In order to save money, I am trying to use whatever paints and such that I have on hand so when I wanted to brighten up the “Gypsy” part of the room, I used a Bermuda Onion purple on the door (behind it is a small room that I have a bunch of my craft supplies in that has a Bermuda Onion wall!) and around the trim and on the trim of the little window in that area.  But we got a note from our landlady a couple of days later, saying she would prefer us not to use any more purple in that room and to NOT use it at all in the bathroom!!!   There is only one bathroom in the building and we have to share it so I will have to use some other colors (we painted the ugly brown paneled walls a base of linen white so I am afraid she may think that it is going to stay that way…..SURPRISE!!!   I have found it best just to do what I want instead of asking for permission, since most people can’t see my “vision” but like it when it is in front of them.  I am hoping this works on her, too!)



Before and after…we also lowered the awning a bit


The declaration of NO MORE PURPLE threw me a bit since there is a funky little folding window that is next to the door that needed color and I really wanted it purple to continue the continuity (try saying that three-times) so I mixed a dark red/pink with a watered down purple and a Scandinavian pink and came up with this color which I am semi-pleased with since it is in the same family as the purple and in an act of what my husband would call “rebellion”, I added a smidge of the purple to the inside of the tiny panes of glass….just to tie it all together!

IMG_2017My next project was the door leading to the other rooms of the building.  I was not sure if I wanted it to stand out or blend in so I just painted it in my favorite metallic silver and while it was okay, I felt it lacked something so out came my paints and I did the four-color wash over it.  At first, I was not happy but when it dried it was just what I wanted.  I am not sure yet, if I will leave the trim silver (the window opposite of the door has the silver trim and I like it there.)

I have two painting projects left…..the white metal door…which I have already given two coats of the metallic silver but I want it to look old and rusty so I am going to use some pots of Metallic Lustre in gold, bronze and copper which I will rub on to (hopefully) make it look rusty.  I really do just fly by the seat of my 2x pants!  And then to paint all the plain wood beams and ceiling wood in my metallic silver.  My goal for the “showroom/shop” is to have the floor, walls, trim, ceiling, just be a canvas for my husband’s gorgeous furniture and my gypsies handmade items.  I want the eye to “see” it but only as a background not as a focus.

Lastly I want to show you the photo of the rug I got for the “sitting” area of the shop.  I ordered it online from a tiny photo and it fits wonderfully in the color scheme/vibe of the room.  I also just last night, got the rug that will go into the Gypsy part in front of my antique fainting couch…but you will have to wait till next week to see that!IMG_2012We are planning on Monday being the day we start bringing in the furniture and winter recreation products Scott and his band of lumberjacks make and seeing where they should go, etc.  The FUN part and once we get that done, then we will start the moving in of Gypsy stuff… husband is already questioning how I plan to get in all the stuff I want in that small area.  Does he not know me after more than 33 years of marriage???

Please let me know what you think of the improvements and stay tuned for next week’s photos….

The Lumberjack & The Gypsy