The work continues on THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY.

New floor is down, rusty metal old barn roofing is on the upper walls, I am working on giving the old honey-colored pine tongue n groove wood a wash of metallic silver chalk paint to blend the wood with the tin and the flooring.  (I love how I have an unusual idea and when I tell people what I am going to do, they think it won’t work or will look bad but it always looks great and they are SO surprised.  It’s my one talent that comes naturally to me!)

My wonderful husband surprised me by having a handyman fashion awnings over the door and windows out of the metal roofing we had left after doing the walls.  I had seen pictures of awnings both inside and out and I knew that is what I wanted but I was shocked that he had it done so quickly!!!

If I can move tomorrow,  (right now it feels like I have a broken arm, not the arm I was using to paint with but the one that was holding the container of paint….Lord am I out of shape….) I will go in and finish the painting of the walls and then start on the trim (which will be a solid silver metallic so it will kinda look like metal…I hope!)

Then Monday, I will paint the base boards (also metallic silver chalk paint) and the front door……guess what color?…I am trying to evoke a “Industrial” kind of feeling in the room and so I hope to paint the white metal door to look like a silver metal…again, not sure if it will work but what the heck, eh?  (I guess you could say that is my life motto….”But what the heck, eh?”)

The room is L-shaped and the shop part will be the “fat part” and the studio/classroom will be the long part and to separate them, I will use two 4ft. peg boards that are hinged together and framed in by 1×4’s and will have rusty tin on the side that will face the shop.  That way, if we make a mess during a class and someone comes in to look around, they won’t see it!  And I can use the tin side as display area.

I just ordered two rugs for the floors (ever since I have been getting my “old age” money I have been buying rugs for my floors…what’s with that???).  And I have an antique fainting couch that my hubs got for me that I was going to get redone in a red-violet velvet but instead I think I’ll just give it a good cleaning and use it as-is as it is so cool even in the brown velvet and brown and black chenille cushion and attached pillow.  The cushion and pillow are stuffed with some kind of “old-timey” material as it is super heavy.  I have yet to try to fit my lower part into the space between the arms as it looks pretty narrow!  As soon as I get it all cleaned up and moved into the studio, I’ll take photos.

Speaking of which,  here are some shots I took today…….

Till next time,

cropped-img_03451.jpgThe Lumberjack & The Gypsy