It’s Like Y2K All Over Again…..

Back in 1999, my husband and I were convinced Y2K was going to happen so we stocked up on everything imaginable….water purification system, TWO hand grinders to mill our own wheat berries (150# plus other grains), countless 5 gallon pails of dried beans, etc. and enough toilet paper that I did not have to buy any for 8 solid (pun?) months.

Well by the looks of my napkin stash, it appears I must have that same mentality. I have been buying napkins like there is going to be a massive shortage of decorative paper napkins.

All because I have become OBSESSED with decoupaging with napkins. I may need to have a seperate room for my napkin collection at the shop. My mind is a’whirl with decoupaging ideas but one must have the napkins on hand to put the ideas from my head on to the project, right? So hence the frenzy to acquire more napkins. By the time I count all the different napkins I have, I am now convinced it will be close to 200.


Since most napkin packages have at least 10 napkins per package….well you do the math…..if my shop should ever fail, I will NEVER need to buy another napkin in my lifetime!

Here are just a few examples of how I am going to use them….

I did learn by doing this pumpkin that dark bases do not work well with napkins. I have done a purple base Vikings one but it is not finished or I could show that one, too. I did not buy every football team napkins just Vikings and Packers. I can, however, order them should anyone want to come and do a different team on whatever you bring to decoupage (I will have vases available if you don’t have anything PLUS keep watching this site to see what I have planned for later this fall using napkins!!!). Just give me a head’s up as to when you want to come to do it so I have time to order the napkins (at least a week). I did get the UofM Badgers; the Minnesota Wild; The Timberwolves; and did I miss any other big MN team? I do not yet have any UMD Bulldog napkins as they were not at the place I just ordered from but I am sure I can get them should anyone want to do a project using them.

I love doing vases. They turn out so funky! The first photo is a dollar store vase. The second was a gin bottle. The third a green vase I had tucked away for years and this last one I just found in a box of stuff a friend gave me. You can decoupage ANYTHING that is solid. That being said, I DO NOT include any kind of water-proofing sealer in my class. That will be up to you to do if you want your piece to be able to be cleaned by water. The decoupaging medium is water soluble so if you wet it, it will wash off. Great if you hate what you did and want to start over but not so great if you want to be able to wash off the item. But you can buy a can of any kind of non-water soluble sealer and spray it (or if you have some oil based product at home, just slap that stuff on and let dry for a good week….until it is no longer tacky.)

So, how can you come and partake in my napkin decoupaging obsession? Heck, that is the easiest part of all. Just show up on a Friday or Saturday between 10-4 (well, I guess 3 should be the cut-off since it will take you an hour or so to do your project if it is a smaller one….anything larger than a vase or a pumpkin or a loaf of bread, you better call me to see how long it could take!!!!). And the cost is dependent on how many napkins you use and how big the piece is. But I promise most will be the cost of a Starbucks medium Frappuccino!!!! Can’t come in during the day??? Well, you can come the 2nd or 4th Thursday night from 5:30 to 8:30. Just let me know so I am there cause if no one signs up for a class on those nights, I do not come in. But, I will happily come in for just one person! My heart is to see everyone find their creative juice and sister’s, you all have some, I can guarantee that! I did not find mine until I was in my mid-thirties and I keep finding more and more juice as I try different things and you are no different! I can promise you a great time!!!!

So call or text me at my business phone (218~736-9278) if you have any questions or want to come on Sept. 13th or Sept. 27 (the Thursday nights I will be open for classes). Got a few friends who might like to do this but need to do it on a different day or night? Just call me. I am willing to come in most any day or night to give a class. Or even come to your house if you want to do a wine/craft night. I cannot serve any alcohol at my shop but would gladly haul my stuff to your house so you can!!!!

So, you have no excuse not to tap into your creative side even if you think you have none. I am like a “craft whisperer” and I can teach you how to find yours!

Call me (if you know me, you will know I NEVER say that!) or text me at 218-736-9278 and let’s get this party started!!!

Robyn Belsvik (The Gypsy)




Fall is in the Air, Thank Goodness

What an awful summer for getting stuff done at the shop. As someone who cannot tolerate humidity, this summer has been the worst ever. It started in May and it continues into September.

Then I had the hand surgery fiasco. That took two months of healing (and my palm still hurts all the time where the giant hole was).

And just before the hole disappeared, I got bit by a spider and had a whole new host of maladies to deal with.

Finally on the mend from the bite and I break my baby toe on a piece of decor sitting on the floor waiting to be put up on the wall.

Seriously, I am really wondering if there are “forces” that are trying to stop me from getting the shop in tip~top shape ( but I am a fighter and a survivor so it just means I work that much harder and don’t give up!)

Okay, enough about me….I have some news to share. I will be doing three classes through Carlton Community Education, here at the shop.

September’s class will be Beginning Rug Hooking. It is a two night class from 6-9pm on Tuesday, September 18 and September 25 and costs $30.00. You will learn how to do the basic hooking technique and how to sculpt the wool for a raised area. This is not latch hook or punch hook but the old way of using wool strips of fabric. You will get a hoop, your pattern on Monks cloth, a hook and all the pre~cut wool strips you will need to finish your project. It takes approximately 6 hours to finish your sample piece (that’s why there are two nights). I will also show you how to finish off your piece in a couple of different ways and give you ideas as to how to display it. Once you start, you will be “hooked” for life! You can choose between a pumpkin or a crow. These photos are just EXAMPLES and you will pick your own colors from a huge pile of pre~cut wool strips. But say you want to learn to hook but Tuesday nights don’t work for you….well have I got a deal for you! I will also be doing rug hooking classes on THURSDAY nights at my shop!!! Same price, same sample size BUT you can tell me what you would like to hook if you don’t want to do a pumpkin or a crow! I have samples of hearts and stars already hooked up (and other pieces for other seasons) but as long as it is a simple design that will only take a few colors (or you are willing to use my stash of already cut wool pieces) the sky is the limit! You will need to call me the week BEFORE you want to come so I can get your pattern and wool ready. I will have the pumpkin and crow ready for this THURSDAY night (September 13) so all you need to do is call me (or text/messenger me) so I know you are coming. You can come at whatever time suits you (I am really flexible for my own classes at the shop) and stay as long as you want. AND if you cannot come at all during the evenings…..WELL SISTER IT IS YOUR LUCKY DAY… can also come during shop hours on Fridays or Saturdays and do your project!!! I love the company. So you have no excuse not to learn how to be a “hooker” if you think it is something you would like to try.

Call/text me at: 218~736-9287 any time (my business phone) or PM me on FaceBook (my personal page as my business page is under construction) and we can schedule your hooking lesson!

The Gypsy

Lots going on at The Lumberjack & The Gypsy this month. My hands are almost healed so I can begin to be able to move stuff around again. Someone remind me if I ever get the bone~headed idea to get operations on both hands at the same time, that it is NOT a good idea. I opened the back of the shop, where I used to have my workspace and classroom, to add more retail space. Now, I just need to get into the small room that will become the classroom and get it organized so I can start having classes come September. I am meeting with the Coordinator for the Community Ed classes on Friday at the shop to see if I can teach rug hooking classes through Community Ed but at the shop instead of the school. It would just be so much easier not to have to haul all my stuff out from the shop every week. I still want to hold my own craft classes at the shop, too. I am busy making stuff to have on hand so when you come into the shop you can browse the class projects and sign up for the ones that pique your interest. I am going to be following my heart this fall and winter by having more than just every other Thursday night classes. I am going to shoot for every Thursday night and one or two Saturdays a month. The Thursday night classes with be easy “Make and Take” one’s so you can be home by 8ish and the Saturday classes will be more involved and so they will run from 10-3pm and may take more than one Saturday to finish. I have so many ideas for classes that I doubt that I will ever live long enough to teach them all. I am still looking for a local person/s who sells handmade soaps, balms, lotions, bath products and someone who makes jams/jellies and a person who makes soy candles to come and join my motley band of gypsies! We have quite an eclectic variety of items for sale at the shop. I am always on the look out for unique treasures to tickle your fancy! Like a lamp Scott made out of a tractor filter or a lamp made from an old flour sifter and unusual cards handmade by Dubla…they are not your standard cards! Every time some walks in and says how warm and comfy and inviting the shop is, it just blesses me to the tips of my flame red hair. I may be small and a work-in-progress but The Lumberjack & The Gypsy is big on “warm, fuzzy, feelings! Stop in on a Friday or a Saturday from 10~4 and sample some of the best salsa you will ever taste….mild, medium, hot and stupid hot! Check out the latest class projects and sit a spell and let’s get to know one another. See you soon, The Gypsy THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY 1592 OLSONVILLE ROAD (RIGHT ON CNTY RD 61) CARLTON, MN 55718 218~736~9278

Closed this weekend July 6&7

My hand surgery did not go exactly as I had thought it would and I still can’t do much with either hand and I can not lift more than the weight of a coffee cup and I know if I go to the shop, I will not be able to control myself and I will move things and lift things and even try to paint! So it is in my best interest just to not be open. If anyone was planning on coming up, please forgive me and please come again next weekend as I will be there come hell or high water!


Getting There

If I could just get four days of perfect weather (60 degrees and sunny) I could finish up all the painting on the outside of my shop! This goofy Minnesota weather is driving me batty. Four lousy days….that’s all I need….well, I guess “lousy” is the wrong word since LOUSY is what we are getting. At least the door is painted and one coat of sealer is on it so if the rain hits it nothing should happen to the finish. and the picket fence is coming along nicely. I have started painting the insides of the pickets….I am thinking of tying it altogether by painting the trim around the door AND the two stabling boards on the pickets the same color.but until I am done with the inside pickets, I won’t know what color yet. And then there is the decking and the two stairs…..I would love to paint them a fun color but I am really pushing my luck now with my landlords…they have been out-of-town and have not seen the door. I will tell them to “trust me” and wait until the whole thing is done and then tell me how they feel! I am thinking of doing the horizontal boards at the peak of the back wall in chalk paint like the pickets but the vertical boards in exterior latex…and in just one color.

Next time you go North on I-35, look to your right about a half mile or less from the Black Bear Casino exit and see if you notice my shop….you should be able to see it from there!!!!

I am meeting with a graphic designer tomorrow to get my own logo made! I have business cards and vinyl signs made by Vista Print but I want a true reflection of my shop and what is in it. As of right now, I have NO clue as to how to go about finding ideas (at $40 an hour for the designer, I better darn well have something in my head before I walk in there!!!!). If the outside were done, I might just go with a really good photo but I have to think about black and white ads so maybe a photo would not work well. I better grab an adult beverage and start looking at Pinterest!

And by the way, I opted for a paid website/blog so no more ads! And I have a smaller web address plus a real email address…..ya, I know…took me long enough. But I am really proud of myself cause I did it all on my own and you all know that my super power really messes with anything electronic so the fact that I did it with only a glitch or two (and I had to fight off my goofy puppy during it as she loves to go bonkers and attack me while I am on my ipad and she hits the keypad with her stinkin’ huge paws and she is really strong and she will wrap herself around my neck like a canine boa and then lick my ears or neck and that makes me crazy insane and I laugh like a fool and that sends her into even more frenetic activity…the dog is nutso…big time.) Now if I could just figure out how to get into my shop FB page and remove stuff and add stuff…..oh well…one problem at a time, eh?

So please stop by some Friday or Saturday for a visit. I am there from 10am to 4pm. I-35 to the Black Bear Casino exit. Turn AWAY from the Black Bear (I am directionally challenged so I do not know my easts from my souths) and go a block towards Carlton and then turn RIGHT at the sign that says “ATKINSON” and go over the bridge and I am on the left hand side about a block or so after the bridge in a sandy brown, one story, building with two different colored roofs (shouldn’t that be “rooves”? Crazy English spelling never follows it’s own rules). I am making a big wood sign to put on the Hwy which will HOPEFULLY be done by this weekend so I will be more visible from Hwy 61. Just look for the crazy-colored picket fence and the wild colored door….that is ME!!!

New web address:

New email address:

New phone number: 218-391-2203

Just About Ready for Grand Opening……

My shop (The Lumberjack & The Gypsy) is just about ready for a Grand Opening Weekend.  This goofy Minnesota weather has delayed me a bit as well as a host of other things but once I get the outside painted and the decking stenciled….I will have it.  Of course, it has been open for business since the beginning of March but just quietly.  Someone once said, “You never get a second chance at a first impression” and so I am waiting until I am happy with the store’s looks.  My landlords have graciously allowed me to paint the outside “nothing too wild” but said I could do what I want with the door!  And ya all know I will!

I now have 10 gypsies and 2 lumberjacks who have brought their talents and vintage treasures to the shop.  It is chock full.  Somehow I need to convince my husband that I need the room his stuff is in for my storage/work area.  The space I have my classroom in needs to become more shop space.  The little room that I now have for craft storage needs to become the classroom.  And I was worried that I would not have enough stuff to make it look not bare!  What was I thinking?

I have had two classes now.  Both on work days and not the scheduled Thursday nights and it has worked out great.  I so love, love, love teaching.  I have even begun making my own patterns for custom animals.  So if you have an animal you want to make, I can make you a resemblance of it for you to work on.  As I get more experienced in painting, I will start to accept commissions to make the whole animal for you who cannot come to the class or wish not to do them yourselves.  Just gotta get my “fur” technique down pat.  I can see in my mind what I want but there seems to be a kink in the connection between my brain and my hand!!!  A lot like the huge kink between my brain and my mouth!

The salsa I sell has been a huge hit with customers.  It comes in Mild, Medium, Hot and Stupid Hot.  I have had the medium and it tastes so good and has a kick that is just about at my hotness range (if the area under my eyes start to sweat, it is too hot) but I think I could do the Hot if I had sour cream to add to it.  A customer has had the Stupid Hot and she put a dab on the middle of a Trisket and it worked for her but she likes hot (she said the flavor was great also) and my sister had the mild and she said it left her tongue burning (but ketchup burns her tongue so I am suspect as to the validity of her assessment!!).   At the Grand Opening, I will have all of them to try so you can taste for yourself.

I also have local Maple Syrup.  If you are still using “fake” maple corn syrup, you need to throw it away and get yourself some pure maple syrup.  A little goes a long way and the taste is to die for.  I promise you will never go back to Aunt Jemmima again.

How about some photos now, okay?  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words…..

My sister made the fox to be the mate to one she bought from me and I had my dad’s old bib overalls (he has been gone 27 years) so I made her the jeans from those!

The white dog is a Maltese that I made the pattern for and the black and white dog is a designer dog called a Cavachon and I made that pattern, too.  Both dogs were custom made from photos of real dogs and given as gifts to the dogs owner’s.  I have a photo of the real Cavachon and it’s doppelgänger but because it is on my ancient phone which now will not allow me to send anything from it, I will have to add it later!

The white cat was done by an 11 year old and the black/white hound dog was done by a 13 year old!   Their gramma did the black and white Cavachon the week before!

Taking a class with a child/grandchild/sister/friend/mom/grandmom/dad/etc.  is a great gift.  Not only do you get to spend some quality time with them but you both get to take home a memory of the day!   Think of doing a project for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day (will have stuffed fish to make soon!!!) with or for your loved ones. I can be at the shop whenever you want to do the class.  I just need a couple of days notice to make sure I have everything presewn.  I will even come in on Mother’s Day if anyone wants to treat their mom to a class!

Please email me at: if you are interested in taking a class or having an animal made for you!

The Lumberjack & The Gypsy


1592 Olsonville Road

Carlton, MN. 55718

218-391-2203 (leave message and I will call you back)


THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY is now ready to begin having craft classes on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month.  Instead of having a specific class for each of the Thursdays, I thought I would try something different.  I am going to have a big variety of projects you can choose from and you pick the night and the project.  If a Thursday night doesn’t jive with your schedule, come on in during business hours and I will set you up with everything you need to complete your project (just make sure you have enough time set aside to complete the project…usually 2.5 to 3 hours).

I also will bring the craft class to your house!  If you have four or more people, I will bring whatever projects you have decided on and everything needed to complete each  project.  Please plan on at least three hours since everyone loves to talk while crafting and that can slow things down!  Home craft classes will need to be prepaid  before the day of the class and refunds for home class students who need to cancel will be given in the form of a gift certificate.  Home craft classes can take place during the day or evening!

I will be adding new projects each week or as I finish an example.  If you see nothing that tickles your fancy, check back often because I am sure you will.  Also, I can custom design a project for you like the ones shown but from your photos or drawings….if I can see it or imagine it, I can usually come up with a way to make it!

So, without further ado, here are the first batch of project examples….now remember, these are just examples, you will make your’s however you like, nothing is set in stone when it comes to creativity.

All of the critters you will see in these photos are from patterns by:    I have put my own touches on some of them so they may not look exactly like the pictures on the patterns but that is the great thing about being a creative.  You take something and make it different from the original.

Okay, enough talking….on to the projects…..C930BBC4-31B3-47BA-879F-D994CDB9C92A This is Florence Foxworthy.  You will get her body, arms and legs presewn. You will stuff her, close her openings either by super simple hand sewing or by glueing, attach her arms and legs, paint her, blow dry her, wax her (no, not like a Brazilian wax) add your choice of eyes, pick out her presewn dress (and apron, if you wish) and then you can add bling or buttons or whatever else you can find in my boxes of extras.  The cost for basic Florence is $18.50 that includes all the presewn body parts, the stuffing, paints, wax, her presewn dress and an apron if you wish.  I will have available for a small extra cost; dresses in vintage material, aprons in vintage material, vintage jewelry, glass blown eyes, old shoebuttons for eyes, and all sorts of doodads that can really personalize your Foxy Lady.

3B3B1738-88AE-4078-BC17-3AD8A03F3627This is Benny the Beagle.  He will come with a presewn body that you will stuff, close the one little opening, add some decorative stitching if you wish, paint him, blow dry  and wax him. His ear can stay up or you can fold it down and add a dab of glue to make it stay down. You choose what kind of eyes and collar he has.  All this for $15.  You can purchase glass blown eyes if you wish.


This alluring young filly is D’Lila.  She has presewn arms, legs and body.  You stuff her, add her arms and legs, add some stitches to her nose and mouth, paint, blow dry and then wax her. She also has a presewn dress and apron.  You can choose what kind of a mane to give her from various materials.  Eyes can be painted as shown or you can add beads or tiny buttons for her eyes.  All this loveliness for $15.00.  Presewn dress in vintage material and apron can be purchased also as can doodads to give her some personality….not that she needs it….she is one feisty filly as she stands!

The FatCat triplets are always causing trouble down at the bowling alley.  Tom, Dick and Harry are made from presewn bodies of muslin, wool stripes, a waxed piece of fabric for their noses and are painted and waxed.  You can also add some twisted wire whiskers.  Your choice of colors.  Got a FatCat of your own.  Bring along a photo and we can make it look like yours.  Each FatCat is sold separately for the scrappy amount of $15.  Glass blown eyes are available for purchase (Tom’s eyes are glass as an example)

Mr and Mrs. Wilson are my favorites.  Each has a presewn body that you will stuff, add some primitive stitches around the nose and muzzle and in the ears and attach the arms, paint them, dry and wax.  Mr. Wilson would look so grrrrrreat with a newspaper rolled up under his arm and a roll of “Charmin” in his paw because we all know what a bear does in the woods.  Mrs. Wilson has an apron of your choice and you can purchase any manner of doodads to help her feel more like herself such as a rolling pin, or a wire whisk or a wooden spoon or maybe you think she needs to get out more and will give her some beads for a necklace and a bracelet and a pair of diamond earrings….nothing is too good for Mr. Wilson’s woman.  The basic Mr or Mrs. Wilson is $15. Including an apron….hey, men wear aprons, too!

Kyle and Kitty Katlyn are a real pair of homebodies.  Kyle is just content to lay on his side and paw at his ball of rags while his sister, Kitty putters around the house in her apron and bead necklace.  Kyle and Kitty can be made to either lay, sit or “stand” upright.  Pick your favorite pose and colors and let’s get this party started.  As always, if you have a cat you would like to paint, bring along it’s photo and I will do my best to help you achieve a reasonable facsimile of thee aforementioned feline.  Kitty comes with an apron of your choice and a bead necklace and Kyle can have a rag ball or a wool mouse to hang on to.  Vintage material apron or vintage jewelry is available for an extra cost as are a vast array of doodads to personalize your Katlyn cat!  Basic Kitty or Kyle is $15.00

Vince and Dominik D’Muchi are brothers that are as different as night and day.  Vince is the younger one.  Devoted son, plays fetch with all the neighborhood kids, runs errands for old ladies and hasn’t had a reason to bark since ‘56.  Dominik, on the other hand, has been a pain in his momma’s heart every since he was born.  Biggest of a litter of eleven, he hogged every milk vessel causing six siblings to be the runts of the litter.  “Always ready to fight and bite” was the credo he lived by.  Sure, he’s done a stint or two at the pound but he always found a way to charm the saps coming to look for a nice, sweet, dog to take to their loving homes.  Both Vince and Dominik come with presewn bodies and arms,  you just need to stuff, attach arms, do some primitive stitches around their nose and make a mouth (or in Dom’s case, a sneer) paint, blow dry, and wax.  Your choice of collars and eyes.  Doodads are always available for a small extra cost (tho Dominik is not allowed to have any guns or toys with squeakers till 2025 when his parole is up).  If you have a dog with an attitude, you definitely will want to make one of these guys for a steal of $15.

E72B3DB8-2B79-4DD5-92A2-4551189F357CThis laid back guy is Midnight.  He loves everyone. He loves everything.  He never stops to think before eating something.  Dr. Barker has a new car because of all the times he has had to treat Midnight for eating something that he should not have.  Midnight will come presewn, you just stuff him, paint, dry, and wax him.  Add some stitching detail to his nose and mouth and pick out some eyes for him and a bandana and he is yours forever.  Adoption fee is only $15 and a hug.  Midnight has a brother Buddy, but he is camera shy so you can only see his big Buddy butt in the photo of Kitty Katlyn.  Buddy has a heart of gold but the brains of a scarecrow before he hits the Emerald City!

I can also do custom patterns of your pet. Send me a shot of how you want the pattern to be: sitting, standing, laying down, running, jumping and then a few photos of your dog or cat or horse/pig/ferret/rat/snake/lizard/whatever and I will see what I can come up with.  Price will depend on the difficulty of the pattern.

I also have presewn wings available if you have a beloved pet that is gone and you would like to do it as an angel….great tribute to a great friend!

So, did you find a critter to make?  Each critter has a safety pin in their backsides for you to hang them from should you choose or use them as a decorative pillow or a toy.

How about signing yourself and your child or grandchild up?  Children 10 and older are welcome (younger if you feel they could keep interested in the project for up to three hours and could do the work).

Got an artsy-fartsy kid who has a birthday coming up?  How about a quick and easy craft time at the party instead of mass chaos?

Stop on down at the shop during business hours to see the projects in person as they are so much better looking than the photos, plus see how cool the waxing makes the critters look and feel.  Vince looks just like leather.

Questions?  Comments?  Email me at: or text me at 218-348-5594


Ready Or Not, Here I Am.

After months and months of delays and more stress than I care to look back on, I can now say, THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY will be open for business March 2, 2018.  To get my feet wet in the business world, I will be open just Fridays and Saturdays from 10-4.  I will increase the days during the summer months as old Hwy. 61 gets a lot of traffic in the summer.

The shop is still not done to my standards but as the weather warms up, I hope my handyman can get the things done that are still needed to make it “perfect” in my eyes.  So please keep watching for more picture updates.

I am still looking for unique and funky consignment items.  If you or someone you knows makes cool stuff please have them email photos or links to their websites or FaceBook page.  I also love vintage items.

As I had mentioned before, I am going to be holding crafting classes on the 2nd and 4th Thursday nights of the month.  I will be posting a separate notice about what I have planned for the studio part of THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY.  I am so excited as that is truly where my heart is.

So enough blabbing,  here are some recent shots of the inside of the shop (the outside is still a work in progress)!

This is a shot of the section that is highlighting the Lumberjack’s work.  We still have a few toboggans left, quite a few children’s sleds in three styles, a few pair of finished adult snowshoes and one pair of kid’s snowshoes and the three snowshoe wall hangings.  The boat shelf was just sold but we have two more waiting to be sealed so if you have been wanting one, now is the time to get it since I am not sure if the Lumberjack will be making more.  We also have pads for all the sleds and toboggans available for purchase.  Soon I will be moving the winter pieces into the back room and bringing out more of the furniture we have, so stay tuned.


B54787BE-679E-4CD2-949E-9421108FE36BThis is my favorite spot.  It is where I put all the stuff that was dear to my heart that I could not live without and had to buy!  My poor mail carrier had to deliver most of this stuff and I think the real saddle really threw him for a loop when I went to get it from him (we are so blessed by him, he comes into our driveway and honks the horn when we have packages that are too big to be put in our big mailbox) and he said he didn’t know we had a horse and I said we didn’t…that I was just going to use it as decoration!  A few times a week, I will be showcasing pieces that reside in this spot of the shop.

16191175-D9C5-4B76-817D-DE6F0ACA4AC1Gisele is the shop’s true Gypsy.  She will always be happy to see you when you enter the shop and my even tell your fortune if you sweet talk her enough.  I had a man the other day come in and immediately wanted to buy Gisele’s beautiful wig.  Sorry fella, neither Gisele or her hair is for sale!  But almost everything else you see is!  And I am set up with a system that connects to my ipad so I can accept all forms of payment!  So after that big win over at Black Bear Casino, mosey on over to THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY and spread the wealth!  We are only a half mile away and I love to help folks spent their money.

THE LUMBERJACK & THE GYPSY is located at 1592 Olsonville Road right off of Old Hwy 61.  Take I-35 to exit 235 turn onto Hwy 210 (away from the casino).  Turn right on Old Hwy 61 (there is a big green sign that says ATKINSON, turn after sign.  Go over a bridge and you will see us on the left hand side.  Sandy brown, one story building.  1592 is the address.  I have a deck on the entrance of the shop and you will see my sign.  Come right on in, I will have the coffee pot on!

Hope to see you soon,

The Gypsy

One Man’s Junk…..

My husband had to make a dump run and I told him to pick me up anything that looks like I could use it for something….probably not your average spousal conversation unless you are a creative person and you know that the local dump/recycling center could be a treasure trove of cool parts-pieces.

The man did not disappoint…..this is what he came back with…..

Now unless you have a trained eye, you see a pile of plumbing junk…..I see a huge array of arms and legs and bodies and heads and lamp wanna-be’s.  I would have paid good money at a rummage sale for this stuff.

And on his way back home, he stopped by a rummage sale and got me this…..

IMG_2335An old dinner bell thingy…..I can so see this as a hanging lamp.

I don’t know who was more thrilled, me or my husband, since he had finally done something right!!!

And this lovely but, oh, so heavy, gem is going to be a sliding door helping to separate this shop from the studio/classroom.  I had the vision, hubs had the tools and muscle and without so much as a cross word between us, we came together and got it up on casters and huge metal hooks and “hung it” from a pipe going from one wall to another (but being the goober that I am, I forgot to get the “after” photo….).  Not only can I move it from one side to another but I can use it as a display for more stuff!!!

IMG_2336It is slowly taking shape and there are days where I get frustrated at my lack of energy and physical abilities, cause I want to do so much and have ideas spilling out of my ears and keeping me awake all night long.  I need a gypsy who can do basic retwirering, and knows her way around a drill and screw driver and table saw and metal nibbler to join my tiny band of creatives.  If you are that woman and want to come aboard this crazy caravan, please leave me a comment and I will contact you and we will meet for lunch and talk it over.  As soon as I have a better handle on getting the stuff I own into the shop and priced, etc. I will be sending out a “casting call” for other gypsies to add their creative pieces to our tiny shop.  I am blessed to not have any deadlines so I can work at a pace that I can handle and not get too overwhelmed!

If you enjoy seeing what is happening at The Lumberjack & The Gypsy, please follow this blog or my soon-to-be page on FaceBook.   This is my heart’s desire and I need you to help me along this new path.

The Gypsy Queen

Teepees and Tents Lights

Hello my fellow art-farts.  This is the Gypsy and I am so excited to let you in on my first class project at The Lumberjack & The Gypsy Studio.

My goal in having classes is to help you unleash your inner creativity.  You will never hear the words, “OH, THAT’S DIFFERENT” come out of my mouth as we Minnesotans know that is Minnesota Nice speak for “What in tarnation is that?”   I believe there are no mistakes in art, just another way to see it, or do it, or produce it.  I am only here to encourage you to let go…..put that wild purple in your painting, or add that bling-bling to your doll if you like it.  There are no rules in my classes…just guidelines.

I want most of our classes to be easy, fun and cheap (oh could I go off on a tangent here!!!).  The classes will be held on the second and fourth THURSDAY NIGHTS from 5:30 to whenever you are finished…usually two to three hours…depending on how fast you can make decisions about color, pattern, or whatever!  I know some folks take longer to pick out their materials and that’s okay (that is why I have no end time!)  I will almost always have everything you need unless I need you to bring something from home that only you can provide.  The cost of the class includes all materials.

Occasionally, I will do a longer, more intricate class on a Saturday.  These classes will be full days and plan on bringing a bag lunch.  I will always have coffee and treats available for students!

So….drum roll, please……


You will be making 15 little teepees or tents to put on a small string of lights.  You will make them, paint them and string them.  NO SPECIAL SKILLS NEEDED.  If you can hold a paint brush and use a scissors, you are good to go.  You will pick five colors of paint (I used red, brown, mustard, teal, and green) so you can make them for you or your kids/grands/campers/cabins/living rooms/ etc.

When you email me to sign up, let me know if you want your lights to be on brown, green or white cords.  There are 15 lights on a cord.  I used brown with clear bulbs but painted the insides of the teepees yellow to reflect a warm glow.

The cost for this class and all the materials is $15.

Super fun, super easy and you will be able to go and make many more sets on your own after learning how to do it.  Can you say “Christmas presents”????

So email me at robynbelsvik@gmail and let me know you are interested.



1592 Olsonville Road

Carlton, MN 55718.  (Less than a half mile from Black Bear Casino, right off of I-35…on old Hwy 61)

I am so looking forward to this new chapter in my life so come out and join me!!!